Top End MotoX Club

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TEMCC Membership Information 

Family Membership - $170

Single Membership - $150

2017 Sports Vouchers Accepted!

Its easy to join!

Membership is valid for 1 year (1st March - 28th February).

Membership entitles the rider (single or family) to a gate key and the use of the track for practise at any time (with the exception of track closure times – see Club Notice Board on home page for further information).

      Click on the link above (click here to become a member via RiderNet (Select Ridernet from the MA homepage, then select Get membership or/and Get a licence, then select TEMCC). 
 Click on the link above (click here to become a member via downloadable form (email/post back to TEMCC).
You can complete a form at our next race meeting
Email the club for further information at

  •  Single Membership – eligible to riders who are 18 years of age and over and are single with no dependents/spouses.
  •  Family Membership – eligible to families (includes ‘family unit’ ie. Immediate family living in the same dwelling). 

TEMCC Membership Rules.

By becoming a financial member of the Top End Moto Cross Club Inc you agree to abide by all Club Rules (below) at all times:

  1. No Helmet = No Ride (Helmets must be strictly worn at all times whilst riding any motorbike)
  2. All Riders ride at their own risk
  3. Track open to Current financial members of Top End Moto Cross Club Inc. only
  4. Tracks to be ridden in the correct direction only
  5. Mini bikes (bikes with maximum wheel sizes of 12” rear and 14” front) only to be
ridden on Mini bike track
  1. Walking pace Speed limit for Bikes and vehicles in Pit area at all times
  2. All riders must be accompanied whilst riding on Club Tracks
  3. No Quads to be ridden at Club except by official invitation from the committee
  4. No Bikes in spectator areas


Each person entering the Top End Moto Cross Club Inc Track at Section 4185, Catalina Road, Palmerston, NT for any reason other than a club organised, MANT licensed event does so entirely at their own risk. Furthermore, each person shall in no way hold the Club, committee (jointly and severally), organisers, sponsors, officials or owners of the property in any way responsible for injury, loss or damage to person or property.

MA Licence Information


To renew or get a new MA License to ride in events in the Northern Territory, you now need to go to the MANT WEBSITE and follow the links for RIDERNET. 

If you have not used RIDERNET before click on NEW MEMBERSHIP.



To compete at club events all riders must obtain a Motorcycling Australia (MA) licence or one event licence. 

To obtain a license you must be a member of a club, ambulance cover and all seniors must complete theory test, whilst all Juniors must complete a 5 hour coaching clinic which includes a theory test. Contact a committee member to obtain this

Full details can be obtained from the MA publication Motorcycle Sport.

The NT office of MA can be contacted on 0417 842 480.